Cyto-gun: Visualizing gun graphs with Cytoscape

Graphs are cool!

Graph databases are awesome!

Graph databases can replicate any datastructure!

This service allows you to play with a local instance of a gun database, in your browser and see the resulting graph structure.

There are three pre-loaded examples. To display a corresponding graph, simply click the "Run" button (just below the code editing area). Please feel free to modify the code in any of the examples then re-run it to see your changes in action.

Each of the examples is commented, and may include commented out code that demonstrates alternative approaches.

Note: This service is a proof-of-concept (i.e. it may be buggy) and designed explicitly for laptops and desktops (i.e. it's not particularly mobile-friendly). If you find it useful and would like to see a more robust and mobile-friendly version, please let us know on our gitter channel.

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